5 Ways To Keep Your Hair In It's Peak Condition

Healthy hair is something we sometimes may overlook and forget about, after all, all you have to do to maintain is give it a good wash, right? Wrong! It's not always easy to achieve healthy, shiny, silky hair especially if you colour it, add heat to it or constantly add some type of spray to it. 

Whether you're dealing with dryness or breakage, incorporating a few simple hacks into your haircare routine can make all the difference. Here are our five favourite hacks that will help you achieve that Jonathan Van Ness vibe. 

1. Brush your hair before a shower

Take a few minutes to brush through your hair to remove any tangles and knots, which will make it easier to wash and condition your hair. It will also help to distribute the natural oils throughout your hair, keeping it moisturised and healthy (bye, bye dry scalp!).

2. Massage your scalp regularly

Massaging your scalp can stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth! You can get a scalp massager or use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp in circular motions for a few minutes each day. 

3. Avoid using tight hair ties

Gone are the days where we would put our hair up into a tight little pony. If you're wanting to put your hair up, opt for a scrunchie or a claw clip which are much gentler on your hair. 

4. Never go to bed with wet hair

It's important to let hair fully dry before you hit the bed, sleeping with wet hair can cause damage to follicles and result in hair breakage. If you don't have time to air dry it, use a hair dryer on a cool setting to avoid heat damage. 

5. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

If you don't know by now, cotton pillowcases cause friction on your hair which can lead to breakage and split ends. Switching to a silk pillowcase can help to reduce friction, keeping your hair super smooth and shiny. 

February 24, 2023 — Juliana Lim

Curating the best sleep routine

The New Year is always the best time to reset and welcome in new habits. 

Having good sleep hygiene means having a comfortable place and a structured routine that encourages uninterrupted sleep. It’s important to create healthy sleep habits, so that you can sleep peacefully throughout the night and wake up well rested.

Here are 4 tips to get started on creating your best sleep routine:

1. Keep it consistent

Having a regular sleep schedule is essential in maintaining your circadian rhythm aka your body’s internal clock. It’s hard to adopt a healthy sleep routine if you’re constantly going to sleep and waking up at different times, set a fixed wake-up time and stick to it (even on the weekends!) and make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of sleep each night.


2. Unplug from electronics

It’s tempting to bring your device with you to bed, but the blue light from your screens can disrupt sleep and suppress the body’s release of melatonin. Try to wind down for at least 30 minutes by reading a book or doing some relaxation exercises to prepare yourself for restful sleep.


3. Inhale and exhale

In this fast paced world, it’s important to take a moment to breathe and unwind a little. Taking proper care of your mind and body will help you relax. Instead of counting sheep, try some simple relaxation techniques that help you focus on your breathing. Practice controlled breathing, do mindful meditation and progressive muscle relaxation to bring your body into a state of deep relaxation. 


4. Comfort is key

Your sleep environment plays an important role in how you maximise comfort and minimise distractions in your sleep routine. Your bedding should be comfortable and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Silvi’s silver-infused bamboo not only stops 99% of acne-triggering bacteria, it's also hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and anti-odour.

January 11, 2023 — Juliana Lim
Are silk pillowcases really better for your skin?

Are silk pillowcases really better for your skin?

Looking after yourself comes in all sorts of forms, our favourite is a restful night's sleep and a glowing skincare routine. As the cult of skincare continues to bloom, silk pillowcases are about to have their moment in the spotlight.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to switch to a silk pillowcase, like right now. 


1. Reduce signs of ageing 

After a long night's sleep, are you waking up with some creases across your face? Cotton pillowcases may not be as good for you as you think, the fabric causes friction and rubbing against your skin leading to premature wrinkles, lines and creases. 

Swapping to a smoother fabric, like silk will greatly help with reducing all those lines because your skin will glide over the pillowcase leaving you with smooth, supple skin in the morning.


2. Skin-soothing relief

Did you know, the average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime! So, it's important to care for your skin even while you're resting. 

If you have sensitive skin, then you'll know just how important it is to keep your skin healthy and in top condition. From those suffering with acne and eczema to delicate facial skin, you'll find that silk pillowcases will be much more gentle helping to improve certain skin concerns. 

(BTW, Silvi silk is treated with silver ions which helps to reduce bacteria that might be causing you to breakout, see an increase in clogged pores and redness)


3. Healthier hair

Silk properties are not just for your skin, but just as incredible for your hair too. When you're sleeping on a smooth surface (like silk, not cotton), it helps to reduce friction on your head when you're tossing and turning throughout the night. 

This means a silk pillowcase will help to de-frizz, reduce any hair breakage and damage, fewer tangles and split ends. Plus, you get to wake up with not so crazy bed head and keep those luscious locks in tact (especially if you've had your hair done the night before for an event!).


This is your sign to treat yourself or treat someone else with our award-winning silk pillowcase. If you're not sure what to get for someone, gift them a voucher - it's the most simple way to show them you still care 🤍

December 12, 2022 — Juliana Lim

Silvi's Christmas Guide 2022

If you're looking for gift giving inspo, you've come to the right place. This Christmas we've curated (with the help of Santa's elves) some special bundles, whether if it's for someone who is always on the road, a homebody in their element or that person who seems to have everything.

1. The Traveller 

For the globe-trotter who's living their best life moving from one place to another. Travelling can take a toll on your skin, so make sure you're giving it some extra love and care with little to no effort.

Say hello to our Jet Setter Bundleit's the perfect little bundle to pack in a carry on and use during your layovers and long haul flights.

Includes 1 x silk pillowcase, 1 x silk eye mask and 1 x silk face mask.


2. The Boujee Kris Kringle

It's time to introduce Silvi to that person who seems to have everything or that person who you just never know what to get aka they are hard to buy for. We've made things easy with our Starter Bundlewe promise it's a gift worth giving. 

Includes 2 x silk pillowcases and 1 x pack of zero waste laundry strips.


3. The Self-Carer

Pamper them with a little self-care gift, it's the #1 thing that should be incorporated into a daily routine to better an individual's physical and mental wellbeing. Our Ultimate Beauty Sleep Set is a luxury gift that's worth the splurge (even if it's for yourself). 

Includes 2 x silk pillowcases and 1 x sleep mist (lavender).


We also have a collection of bedding bundles available that come with a free gift, shop here


PS: Order before the 10th December to get everything in time for Christmas Day.
December 05, 2022 — Juliana Lim

Summer Holidays: Do's & Don'ts

Don't let these summer holidays wreck havoc on your skin, here are our do's and don'ts for skincare. 

Don't forget sun protection

Did you know that 4 in 5 Australians don't apply enough sunscreen? As the weather starts to get warmer and the sun begins to shine through, it's important that we don't forget to slip, slop and slap! 

Sunscreen is an important part of your skincare routine. Sun exposure without the proper protection can make areas of hyperpigmentation more noticeable and acne scars are less likely to fade. Not only will sunscreen protect your skin from the damaging UV rays and getting sunburnt, but it can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Don't sleep on a cotton pillowcase

One of the underlying causes of acne is your bedding. Think about how you’re going to be spending the next 8 hours or so with your skin against a pillow that holds sweat, drool and skincare products - cotton pillowcases are notorious for holding onto so much bacteria. 

You might want to switch to silk instead. Silvi’s Anti-Acne pillowcase was designed with skincare in mind, treated with antibacterial silver ions, the pillowcase works to eliminate 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria while you sleep.

See more behind the science.  

Don't wear heavy based foundations

It's never pretty when your make up starts to melt, rub off or when you look in the mirror and realise your T-zone is starting to look like a disco ball. 

Avoid using heavy-based foundations this summer and opt for something more light like a tinted moisturiser with SPF (or even skip the foundation base entirely!).

Do have an after-sun cool-down kit

You've just spent an entire day at the beach and it's time to implement your after-sun regimen to minimise the irritation and dehydration the sun may have caused on your skin.

If you're sun burnt, keep yourself cool with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber and green tea. Make sure to apply a nourishing lotion, avoid using harsh cleansers and delay waxing or shaving. As much as we love that warm sun feeling, we should avoid exposing already damaged skin to more sun, so don't forget to cover up if you're heading back out!

Do refresh, replenish and hydrate

Sun exposed skin is thirsty skin, the summer heat can really dehydrate our skin so it's important to keep our body moisturised. Find a hydrating moisturiser (tip: pop it in the fridge for that extra cooling relief) and soothe your sun kissed but parched skin.

Remember to also hydrate internally too! Water is your best friend at this point.

Do double cleanse

After a hard day soaking in the sun rays, we need to make sure that we're also taking care of our skin during the night. 

Start off with an oil based cleanser to draw out impurities like sebum, SPF, makeup and pollutants, and then move onto a water based cleanser to clean off any sweat and dirt (double cleansing will also prevent buildup of bacteria, reducing acne and clogged pores). 

November 09, 2022 — Juliana Lim
Celebrating Acne Awareness Month

Celebrating Acne Awareness Month

This June we celebrate Acne Awareness Month and remind everyone that we are all beautiful in our own unique way. Acne has been a skin issue that many people experience and often want to hide. This new wave of acne positivity is changing the way society views beauty. 

Acne is completely normal - up to 85% of Australians will experience acne at some point in their life, it’s something that affects millions of people around the world and is one of the most prevalent skin conditions. In light of Acne Awareness Month, we wanted to share four ways you can continue to love the skin you’re in. 


  • Implement acne-friendly rituals
  • One of the underlying causes of acne is your bedding. Think about how you’re going to be spending the next 8 hours or so with your skin against a pillow that holds sweat, drool and skincare products - cotton pillowcases are notorious for holding onto so much bacteria. 

    You might want to switch to silk instead. Silvi’s Anti-Acne pillowcase was designed with skincare in mind, treated with antibacterial silver ions, the pillowcase works to eliminate 99.7% of acne-causing bacteria while you sleep.

    See more behind the science.  

  • Set up a solid skincare routine
  • The most important rule in skincare is to wash your face daily. Throughout the day, sweat, oil, dead skin cells, make-up and environmental pollutants build up on the skin, so it’s essential to cleanse to prevent your pores from being clogged, which can lead to breakouts. Products with ingredients such as retinol and salicylic acid are great for fighting acne but can also dry out your skin, so it’s important to look for products that are suitable for your skin type. 

  • Think about hydration
  • Glowy, radiant skin starts from the inside out. It’s important to stay hydrated by not only drinking the recommended 8 glasses a day, but to also make sure you’re choosing products that have hydrating formulas (especially if you have dry skin) to ensure your skin stays gleaming all day long.  

  • Don’t forget SPF
  • Sunscreen is an important step for all, including acne-prone individuals. Sun exposure without the proper protection can make areas of hyperpigmentation more noticeable and acne scars are less likely to fade. Not only will sunscreen protect your skin from the damaging UV rays and getting sunburnt, but it can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


    Join our VIP Group and follow Lili & Juliana’s skin journey here.

    June 03, 2022 — Juliana Lim

    Top 4 Zero-Effort Skincare Hacks to Improve Your Complexion


    To say our skin has been on a rollercoaster since the pandemic started is an understatement.

    Your skin has missed its usual vitamin D dosage (thanks to all those hours spent inside at home), and the constant mask wearing has left your pores a little worse for wear. 

    Your skin needs some TLC, so let's get into the top four zero-effect skincare hacks that will help your skin get back to its former glory.


    #1: Introduce Retinol into your routine

    A derivative of vitamin A, retinol is a no-brainer to add to your skincare routine. Why? Because it's a product that actually works to reduce the early signs of ageing (aka, those pesky fine lines you've started to notice).

    Think of retinol as a exfoliant that helps to increase skin cell turnover. It's actually such a fine molecule that it's able to go deeper than the top layer of your skin (the epidermis), and work it's magic on the layer of skin beneath it too (the dermis).

    There are many different retinol-based products out there, and a word of warning: it does have a reputation of being quite drying if overused. Do you research - ask your GP for advice, or reach out to a dermatologist for the best approach to incorporate retinol into your skincare routine.


    #2: Experiment with K Skincare

    Eastern skincare traditions (particularly Korean skincare) are becoming more and more mainstream in the western world, and for good reason: they'll help you achieve the glowy skin you're after.

    Rooted in centuries of tradition and created with natural ingredients, Korean skincare is often high-quality and free of the harsh chemicals that could contribute to poor skin health.

    Cult brands such as Krave Beauty (Great Barrier Relief is a Silvi office fave!) and Peach & Lily are great additions to start experimenting with.


    #3: Always use sun protection

    Keen to give your skin the opportunity to be the best it can be? Pro tip: never forget to apply sunscreen. A good rule of thumb is to apply 15-20 minutes before going outdoors, and if you're wearing makeup, always remember: skincare first, sunscreen second, makeup last.

    Silvi sunscreen faves include fellow Aussie brand Ultra Violette's Queen Screen 50+ SPF, and La Rosche Posay's Anthelios Invisible Fluid for those with sensitive skin.


    #4: Sleep with a silk pillowcase

    This one has to be the easiest, zero-effort beauty hack ever; investing in a silk pillowcase. Swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one and take in all the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases, which include wrinkle prevention, soothing sensitive skin, smoother and healthier hair and sleeping without any night sweats (plus much more).

    Silvi's award-winning Anti-Acne Pillowcase is 4.5x more breathable & cooling than cotton, and so soft you'll think you're sleeping on a cloud. Taking beauty sleep to the next level, this simple change can leave you with less surprises in the morning.

    Try out the Silvi Pillowcase today available in a range of colours, or if you're not loving it send it back for a full refund. 


    December 17, 2021 — Lauren Drzewucki
    Spring Clean Your Routine

    Spring Clean Your Routine

    Spring, it’s finally here! Time to say hello to warmer days ahead.

    It's also the season where many of us like to jump into that little routine called 'spring cleaning'. Don't get us wrong, we all love our wardrobe declutter sessions, putting on some great tunes and asking ourselves if each item brings us joy (thanks Marie Kondo).

    However, spring cleaning can be more than just decluttering your clothes; it can also be about reevaluating different aspects of your daily routine. This is an opportunity to feel lighter and be happier by taking control over the things that are controlling you.

    The winter period has probably gotten us all a little worn out, so in this article, we're helping you get back into the swing of things with 5 easy changes you can apply to your own routine.

    Declutter your phone

    Are you guilty of having pages upon pages of unused apps? If so, now's the time for a digital detox by giving your phone’s home screen a much-needed cleanout. Say goodbye to all those apps that have been collecting dust.

    Clearing out those unused apps means less annoying notifications to manage, which translates to less screen time - something that we should all be trying to do these days!

    Support your skin

    For some of us, when it comes to skincare, we like to experiment and try new products. It also means we’ve probably hoarded quite the collection over time.

    Rather than letting your pile of shame take up valuable bench space, now’s the perfect time to declutter your makeup and skincare pile and bid farewell to those unused pieces - especially those past their expiration.

    9 times out of 10, expired products will have lost their performance and worse yet, can harbour bacteria which can be the culprit to your unexpected acne breakouts.

    This one is a win for both your bathroom and your skin!

    Swap out your sheets

    The cooler weather might have called for flannelette and cotton sheets, but it's the last thing anyone wants to sleep in when the nights start getting unbearably hotter.

    Swap your bedding out for a lighter alternative that automatically adjusts with your body temperature. Silvi bedding is made from bamboo lyocell and is naturally thermoregulating to keep your body at the ideal temperature no matter the season.

    Do away with the hassle of swapping sheets for every season; Silvi is here for you all year round for better quality sleep.

    When in doubt, journal it out

    Mindfulness might seem like a trend word, but giving yourself an opportunity to clear your mind is an important and effective way to destress and give back yourself.

    One way to unpack what’s in our heads is getting those thoughts to paper. Whether it’s a ritual you do before bed or first thing in the morning, journaling what’s on your mind is the perfect way to brain dump those feelings that might have been weighing on you.

    Expressing your thoughts (ideally on paper rather than your phone!) can help get rid of negative thoughts, as well as outline your intentions and goals for the day! Whether it’s a few simple points or random words sprawled across the page, it's one habit that will assist in reducing stress and overall improve your mood; perfect for regaining your motivation after falling into a slump period.

    Spruce up your space

    Spring cleaning is often associated with getting rid of things, but unless you’re going full-minimalist mode, sometimes a bit of redecorating is what’s needed instead!

    Switch up your room, change the layout, add a plant or get creative and try your hand at some DIY. Giving new life to your space may give you a whole new appreciation for the areas that you spend most of your time in.

    Rearranging furniture shouldn't only be reserved for makeover shows. It's a simple option to revitalise your space and your mindset. It's also a great way to identify what works for you in your day to day living.

    Does having your bed pushed against the wall give you a better night's sleep? Or will positioning against a window help you stay cooler at night? When life gets busy, we tend to fall into the trap of settling with our surroundings, even if they're not the most practical.

    Tailor your room to your own needs and own the space you live in. It's one of those rare acts of self-care that take the least time but reap the benefits the longest.

    Looking to put a bit of spring in your routine?

    Why not start with where you spend most of your time resting. Good quality sleep is the foundation of a healthy body and mind.

    Try our range of temperature regulating, silky smooth bedding options for the perfect night’s sleep. Visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

    October 22, 2021 — Ben Goodman
    Seriously, why is sleep so important?

    Seriously, why is sleep so important?

    It’s time to be honest with yourself: how much sleep are you actually getting each night? More specifically, how many of those hours are actually quality ones?

    The reason why we’re kicking off today’s blog with a reality check is that the importance of sleep is hugely underestimated in today’s society; especially when we’re constantly being told to keep going, keep hustling and work harder.

    The average adult needs anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep each evening but sadly, many of us barely meet this quota! Between work demands, poor sleep hygiene, daily stressors and family needs, there are many factors in our day-to-day life that are just waiting to steal another hour away from us.

    Now, while we can’t make those extra hours of snooze time magically reappear, we can talk about why it’s so important to prioritise your sleep. In this article, we’ll be sharing the must-know reasons why quality sleep should be a total non-negotiable in your life and how we’re helping you achieve it.

    A sharper and more creative mind

    Do you find that after a poor night’s sleep, that you struggle to remember important details or seriously struggle to flex your creativity? You’re not alone! When people are running on empty, the brain has a terribly tough time taking in new information, let alone retaining it.

    The brain has two sides – the right and the left side. The right side is renowned for being behind your creativity and imagination where the left is where your more analytical and structured behaviours arise from. While the two sides are known for very different functions, they work together to achieve the best outcomes.

    When we achieve our much needed hours of quality sleep, our brain can perform at its best and both sides can work their hardest without feeling foggy. This is why many will mention that their most creative or profound ideas come to them in the middle of the night or after a long, restful sleep – they’ve given their brain the chance to properly rest and be prepared to take on the next challenge!


    Good sleep, good mood, good day!

    It’s no coincidence that a poor night’s sleep can lead to irritability throughout the day.

    When we have a lack of sleep, our brain’s prefrontal cortex has a harder time controlling the amygdala, the epicentre of emotions, motivation, and emotional behaviour within our brain. The less sleep we get, the more reactive these emotions are, which is why you’ll notice the likes of negativity, mood swings, stress, anxiety, and irritability show up more prevalently after a bad night.

    The role of sleep and our emotions doesn’t stop there. If you’ve experienced a particularly stressful or emotional day, there’s a chance that you’ll feel more ready than ever for sleep that evening. It’s important to allow yourself that much-needed rest time as this is when your body’s stress hormones, the most prominent being cortisol, can function at a much more controlled level.

    Time for repair and rejuvenation

    While we’re on the topic of cortisol, let’s dive deeper into how quality sleep supports healthy repair and rejuvenation of some of our major physical functions.

    When we’re asleep, the lowering of cortisol allows our blood pressure to decrease, which not only supports our stress levels but also provides our heart and its supporting vessels to recoup. When we don’t get enough sleep, this shortens the amount of time our blood pressure can lower in a 24-hour period which can contribute to more serious concerns such as heart disease and stroke.

    If you love getting in the gym, sleep is of utmost importance to you as this is dedicated time for your body to repair and rejuvenate after the high-intensity stress some forms of exercise put on your body. Those seven to nine hours of sleep each night is your body’s opportunity to ease muscles that need repairing and equip you with the motivation and energy to bring to your next workout. Quality sleep reduces our risk of injury and ensures our muscles can perform at their best.

    One important factor that contributes positively to quality sleep is the proper regulation of body temperature. There is a definitive connection between a restful night’s sleep and a regulated body temperature, which is why we worked hard to develop the perfect bedding that not only supports healthy skin and hair but also give you the best night’s sleep ever.

    Unlike cotton, our bamboo lyocell sheets and duvet covers are naturally thermoregulating and moisture-wicking, which works hard to keep your body at the ideal temperature through the night.

    By maintaining a lower body temperature at night, we’re able to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer which is why choosing bedding that helps to keep that temperature consistent is the key to a good night’s sleep.


    Looking for the perfect quality sleep solution?

    Improve the quality of your sleep with our temperature regulating, silky smooth bedding options, available in high-grade Mulberry silk or our vegan bamboo lyocell options. Visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

    October 17, 2021 — Ben Goodman
    How to care for your hair whilst you sleep, seriously!

    How to care for your hair whilst you sleep, seriously!

    Do you wake up from a night’s sleep with a mane that gives Simba a run for his money? As much as a lion can pull off that look, we can’t say it’s working for us.

    For most beauty lovers, their evening routine is loaded with steps featuring lotions, potions, and everything in between for their skin. But when it comes to their hair, a quick ponytail seems to be where things are left.

    If you’re experiencing breakage, dryness, frizz or want to preserve your coloured hair, it’s time to start incorporating some haircare into your evening beauty ritual. The best part? Many hair care hacks will work their magic whilst you catch up on that necessary beauty (quality) sleep!

    Here’s some of our favourite tried and tested tips.

    Avoid going to sleep with wet hair

    Let’s face it. We’re all guilty of falling asleep with wet hair at some stage in our lives, but try to not make a habit of it.

    One of the easiest ways to give love back to our hair whilst we snooze is by ensuring it’s not sopping wet when our head hits our pillow. This is because our hair is at its weakest when it’s wet which leads to unwanted breakage and friction.

    When we sleep with wet hair, it eventually dries overnight but not in the smooth and sleek way you would be hoping. Whilst you move throughout your sleep, your hair is twisting and turning and eventually, drying and setting in that position. The next morning, you’re confronted with a hairdo that resembles Medusa and a lot of styling work ahead of you - definitely not the time-saver in the end!

    Apply a leave-in treatment before bed

    Time-poor readers are going to love this tip!

    A hair mask or hair treatment should play a role in your weekly hair care routine but sometimes, you don’t have the spare time to let it process and then wash out. This is where applying a leave-in treatment comes in. By applying a hair mask to your hair prior to falling asleep, you’re treating your hair to an intense overnight treatment that is tackling your key hair concerns.

    It’s recommended to find a product that is working specifically towards your hair type and condition; whether that be addressing hydration levels, frizz, coloured or treated hair or nourishment. This will ensure you’re making the most of your overnight treatment and wake up with the hair goals you’ve been (literally) dreaming of.

    Depending on your individual hair, you can add this into your evening routine once or twice per week and secure it with a sleeping cap, silk scarf or loosely tied scrunchie.

    This isn’t a time for high ponytails

    On the topic of a loosely tied scrunchie, this is the approach you should be taking when deciding to tie your hair up before bed. Similarly, to sleeping with wet hair, if you have long hair, sleeping with it untied can lead to unwanted breakage and knots the next morning where a loosely tied bun can help keep everything in place.

    When grabbing a hair tie for your evening routine, step away from the metal and rubber hair ties as they’re particularly harsh on the hair and can cause pulling and breaking (they’re also super uncomfortable to sleep on). Instead, turn to more gentle fibres, such as silk scrunchies. A loose top knot will help you to avoid laying on your hair all night and the unruliness that can come with it.

    Alternatively, for those with particularly thick and frizzy hair, a loose braid can work wonders to keep your hair secured and also see you waking up with effortless waves! Bonus!

    Keep the moisture in your hair, and not on your pillowcase

    The best hair care products can work as hard as possible, but if they’re up against a friction-clad pillowcase, they’re in for a difficult night ahead.

    Traditional pillowcases, most commonly cotton, are renowned for depleting moisture from the hair which leads to inevitable dryness and dehydration within the hair and scalp. This rougher fibre also does not allow for easy movement throughout the night which leads to the hair being pulled and friction contributing to unwanted frizz.

    It’s this impact on hair health that’s seen beauty lovers from across the globe make the switch to silk pillowcases and never look back! Our silk pillowcases are 45% smoother than cotton which prevent the excessive damage and pulling that can occur during your slumber.

    Silk and its vegan-approved counterpart, bamboo lyocell, both help your hair maintain its natural moisture, oils, and the ingredients of your hair treatments in your hair itself and not on your pillowcase. As these fibres don’t absorb that present moisture, it stays where it counts most and welcomes healthier, shinier, and happier hair each morning!

    Looking for hair care while you sleep?

    If you’re investing in hard-working treatments and haircare products, you’re about to see skyrocketed results as they can get down to business more effectively than on a cotton surface. With over 1,000 5-star reviews, we’re seriously putting the shine back into shiny hair!

    Visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

    October 07, 2021 — Ben Goodman
    Preventing sleep wrinkles (yep, that’s a real thing)

    Preventing sleep wrinkles (yep, that’s a real thing)

    After an overwhelming response to our previous article, 4 signs your sleep habits are ageing you, we decided to dive deeper into all things sleep wrinkles. You might not have heard the name, but you’ve most likely seen them - sleep wrinkles are the creases and folds that appear on your face, thanks to your nightly sleeping position.

    When repeated each night, over time, these markings can become less of something that fades away during the morning but rather a real-life wrinkle that’s here to stay.

    Like most anti-ageing tactics, it’s all about prevention.

    Why? Because prevention is often more effective and less expensive than applying a correction. By implementing smart anti-sleep wrinkle solutions now, we can prevent wrinkles from creeping up later down the track.

    Keep reading to learn our 4 sleep wrinkle prevention tactics and how avoiding premature ageing isn’t as hard as you think!


    1. Take note of how you’re sleeping

    There’s a reason why the likes of Jennifer Lopez regularly note their sleeping positions when describing the secret behind their fountain of youth.

    When we sleep on our stomach, we’re literally pushing our skin into our pillow or find our hands making their way onto our face during the night. These two habits contribute significantly to the appearance of sleep wrinkles as we’re folding and creasing our skin throughout the night.

    If you’re worried about lines and wrinkles, consider making the switch to sleeping on your back as it lessens the risk of creasing your skin throughout your sleep.

    Now, we get it. It doesn’t always feel the most comfortable to make the switch to sleeping on your back, which is why many like to add support pillows to your sides to help keep you in that age-defying sleep position.

    The things we do for beauty, right?!


    2. Up your evening skincare game

    Making a long-term change to the appearance of your skin doesn’t happen overnight, but rather comes in the form of a proper skincare routine. We’ve spoken at length about the importance of removing your makeup before bedtime but once you’ve cleansed your skin, what should you be applying?

    If anti-ageing is your number one goal, night-time skincare products containing Vitamin A should be your go-to. This powerhouse skincare ingredient is responsible for boosting the cell turnover of your skin which ultimately leads to skin that renews much quicker than those that don’t use Vitamin A.

    However, this ingredient packs a punch so be sure to start by applying every other night or chat to your skin professional about the best course of action for your skin.


    3. Get that circulation pumping

    A fantastic way to give your skin a wake up in the morning, whilst supporting the reduction of lines and wrinkles, is by boosting your circulation. Poor circulation is a contributor to creases in the skin and by kickstarting it each morning, we’re putting life back into our complexions.

    The easiest way is by a simple facial massage in the morning.

    One of our favourite things about adding a facial massage into your morning routine is that it’s a total win-win! You’re not only adding some anti-ageing magic into your routine but also a seamless self-care moment.

    If you’re looking for something a little more special than your hands, consider picking yourself up a rose quartz roller or a Gua Sha tool. Both facial tools have been designed to boost circulation within the skin, aid lymphatic drainage and support the penetration of your skincare products. Concentrating on the contours of your eyes, cheekbones, jawline, and brow bone, you’re able to boost the blood flow to your face, plump out creases and welcome a fresh glow to your complexion.


    4. Reduce friction with Silvi

    Fortunately, one of the most common causes of sleep wrinkles is one of the easiest to fix!

    It all comes down to the type of bedding you’re using and thankfully, you’ve come to the perfect place. Many forms of bedding, particularly pillowcases, use coarse fabrics that grip the skin, creating friction, rather than allowing it to seamlessly slide across it.

    These fabrics that are holding onto the skin are more likely to contribute to permanent lines and wrinkles during your sleep. Your cotton high-thread-count pillowcase might feel “soft”, but over the course of hundreds of hours, those gripping fibres all add up!

    Alternatively, pillowcases and bedding such as our Mulberry silk and bamboo lyocell lineup allow the skin to seamlessly glide across your pillowcase for a frictionless sleep. This is fantastic for snoozers that toss and turn during the night, as you won’t have to worry about the downsides that can impact your skin and hair.

    Looking for a sleep wrinkle solution?

    Minimise the effects of sleep wrinkles with our silky smooth bedding options, available in high-grade Mulberry silk or our vegan bamboo lyocell options. Visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

    September 22, 2021 — Ben Goodman
    4 signs that your sleep habits are ageing you

    4 signs that your sleep habits are ageing you

    Did you know that skin is your body’s largest organ? Yes, the biggest you’ve got!

    It’s your first line of defence, the first to be impacted by trauma or stress, but also the last to receive vital nutrients such as hydration. It is a living and breathing organ that requires nurturing and protection just like your other vital organs but unfortunately, it is regularly neglected.

    With this leading role in mind, you can understand how important it is for the skin to enjoy regular, uninterrupted sleep each night. So, it shouldn’t come to the surprise of anyone that when you don’t get enough sleep, especially quality sleep, that your skin is the first place to show it.

    Sleep is where your skin can rest and rejuvenate itself. So a lack of sleep can deliver the opposite effect and contribute to a host of undesirable skin conditions like:

    • fine lines and wrinkles;
    • skin dullness and dryness;
    • breakouts and
    • dark circles

    Do any of these sound familiar? If you’ve said yes to any of these four signs, it’s time to get your (quality) snooze on.

    #1 You’re not getting enough of it

    When we sleep, our body’s natural levels of cortisol (a naturally produced stress hormone) decrease. By lowering cortisol, your skin has the opportunity to regenerate and defend itself against stressors.

    When your cortisol levels are consistently high, they interfere with how your body heals itself, which is particularly damaging for those concerned with ageing or breakouts. This is why getting enough sleep is so integral – it’s literally the time your skin has dedicated to renewing itself.

    High levels of cortisol are also responsible for a breakdown in collagen, the protein responsible for youthful looking skin. From our early 20’s our body’s ability to produce collagen becomes less and less, so we want to savour what we can! With a lack of sleep, your cell production can’t be stimulated as effectively and compounds this natural decline in collagen levels. Therefore, without adequate sleep, our skin becomes thinner and more susceptible to premature fine lines and wrinkles!

    #2 You’re scrolling instead of snoozing

    We’re all guilty of staying up past our bedtime from time-to-time thanks to our addiction to smart devices. However, in the long-term our skin is going to be pretty upset about our news feed habits when it comes at the cost of losing precious sleep.

    On top of making us stay up late, our devices emit blue light which has proven negative effects on skin. This is why in the modern era; blue light has been put in the same skin aggressor category as pollution.

    Our late night scrolling habits are increasing our susceptibility to blue light damage, which some studies have shown direct links to premature ageing. This blue light penetrates deep into the skin and impacts the production of collagen and elastin.

    Additionally, staying awake till the early hours on devices confuses your body’s natural circadian rhythm. This confusion stems from our body’s inability to tell whether it’s daytime or night-time - therefore preventing it from going into its natural regeneration mode. Unfortunately, this confusion leads to all sorts of skin issues like:

    • dark circles under the eyes;
    • pigmentation and uneven skin tone and
    • premature fine lines and wrinkles from squinting

    #3 Your pillowcase is causing fine lines

    Traditionally, most pillowcases are made from cotton - but that may not be as ideal for your skin as you think. Cotton has a habit of causing friction against the skin due to the lack of “slippage” between material and skin. This friction leads to the skin being dragged as you move throughout your sleep, which can see you waking up with sleeping lines. These lines generally go away but after repeated long-term nightly impact, they have the ability to be etched deeper into your skin.

    Cotton is also known to draw moisture from the skin, including the precious skincare ingredients you may have applied before going to sleep. Involuntarily removing moisture from the skin contributes to the likes of dryness and flakiness, leaving the skin to look duller and irritated. Unfortunately, this moisture often remains in the cotton itself and if not regularly washed, creates the perfect breeding ground for breakout-causing bacteria to thrive...

    Fortunately, alternatives like silk and bamboo lyocell are not only naturally antimicrobial but they offer a divine smooth surface for your skin to sleep on. By creating natural “slippage”, this means farewell to unwanted dragging and friction that is stripping your skin of its moisture, skincare and let’s face it, youth!

    #4 You’re sleeping in your makeup

    You may already be aware that sleeping in your makeup is a key contributor to breakouts and acne, but did you know it’s also a sure-fire way to speed up the ageing process?

    Throughout your day, your skin is exposed to dirt, bacteria, sweat and environmental pollutants. If you don’t properly cleanse your skin at night, you’re leaving these aggressors on your skin that will continue to cause damage. This has the ability to welcome unwanted free radical damage which degrades your collagen, slows your natural regeneration abilities, and significantly contributes to premature ageing.

    As makeup builds up on the skin, your skin cell’s ability to naturally shed and renew becomes extremely difficult which leads to a dull complexion that looks much older than it should be.

    As arduous as makeup removal may seem, particularly after a long hard day, it’s the one ritual that will pay long-term dividends in keeping your skin clear and healthy!

    Keen to support your sleeping habits?

    Give your skin the support it needs while you sleep. For a sustainable way to achieve clearer skin and healthier hair, visit our product catalogue page for a variety of bedding products including pillowcases, bedsheets, duvet covers and sleep masks - all available in a selection of stylish colours to suit any bedroom style. 

    August 16, 2021 — Ben Goodman