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Based on 1615 reviews
Perfect product for acne prone skin!!

I have been using for around a month now and my skin has cleared dramatically!! No more dryness and irritation. I am in love!!

Hello Georgia! We're glad you're loving it! :) Thanks for sharing!

I love my silvi pillowcase
Its so soft
Never going Back

Hello Vivian! We're glad you're loving it! :) Thanks for sharing!

Simply amazing!

I have been using silk pillow cases for years now! But none compare the the silvi one!! My skin has completely transformed and is now the clearest as it’s ever been!! I’m beyond impressed! I need more!!

Hi Kimberly, thank you for your review! We're happy to know it helps with your skin :)

Great Pillowcase

A necessity i would say!! wish it was less expensive but still a worthwhile investment.

So good! Thanks so much, Nuriyah!

Clear skin for the win!

I’m so happy with my silvi pillowcase. My skin is clearing up and I honestly can’t believe how much smoother my hair feels. Thank Silvi!

Hi Kailyn, thank you for your feedback! We're happy to know it helps with your skin and hair :)

Silvi sheets and pillowcases

Im so inlove with my new set it’s super soft!!! I don’t wake up with a bad hair day anymore. Highly recommend!

So good! Thanks so much, Shaira! :)

Best Pillow case ever

It is luxurious and aesthetic! It has definitely helped a lot with my acne prone skin. I am in love!!

Hi Merina, thank you for your feedback! We're happy to know it helps with your skin :)

Love it!

Came in cute boxes! We have the sheets and pillow cases, they are amazing. So cozy i don't want to get out of bed lol

Hello Brandy! We're glad you're loving it! :) Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely Amazing!

This pillowcase is seriously a GAME CHANGER.

I'd never believed the hype about silk pillowcases, I'm a sceptic. They supposedly help with acne, clogged pores and hair breakage? Sure, Jan.

BUT, after using this pillowcase for one night, I can say that my hair looks amazing. I usually wake up looking like I haven't brushed my hair in days. It's full of knots and looks frizzy.

BUT THIS MORNING IT WASN'T! Like, it's actually soft, and looks frizz free. I can definitely see how this could cause less breakage and damage, especially if you toss and turn during the night.

I can't speak about the anti acne properties just yet. But if those results are anything like the hair results, I'm going to be amazed.

Hi Rebecca! That's great to know. Thanks for your review! :)

Great for frizz free hair & less acne scaring

I love my Silvi pillow cases! I got the rose gold and they look and feel great! My hair is less frizzy and knotted in the mornings (I have thick, very curly hair), also i’ve noticed that my acne isn’t scaring like it was before.. I think it was getting scratched on my old pillow cases, but not anymore! Love it!

Thanks for sharing, Alex! We're glad you're seeing changes on your skin and hair. Cheers!

So soft and looks so luxurious!

I’ve been sleeping on my new Silvi pillowcases for a while now, and it feels really nice to my face. I had a silk pillowcase before this, to help with my frizzy hair, but this is better. The Silvi pillowcase is softer, and not too slippery and shiny. I’m a fan! I just wish they had a blue colour.

Hello Alexander! Glad you like it! :) Thanks for sharing!

Thumbs Up

I have had acne spots on my jaw line/neck just below the ear and it’s had been bugging me as to why it’s only on one side - only a year or so later I was like hmmmm this is the side I sleep on! I got my silvi pillow case a few weeks and my spots have cleared/I haven’t had a flare up since! I worked at lululemon previously - so I was aware of silver and it’s antibacterial properties :)! This whole time I was thinking it’s my hormones unbalanced or I don’t even know what! So glad I sorted it out with a beautiful silk pillow case :)! X

So good! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Ami! :)

Great hair

Where have these been my whole life?! I have fine and easily knotted hair. I toss and turn all night so waking up of a morning my hair was matted and It was damaged trying to brush it out. Since using Silvi my hair is barely out of place and no knots despite my restless sleep! These are amazing and I’ll be purchasing again! Photo - axel testing out the goods x

Hello Natalie! We're glad you're loving it! :) Thanks for sharing!

Love love love my pillow case!

I usually don’t submit reviews but after a month now using my rose gold Silvi mulberry pillow case ilv noticed much improvement of my skin, hair and sleep.
My skin is very sensitive and ilv noticed that I’m having less allergy skin issues with my skin.
My hair seems to be less oily and when ilv curled my hair it seems to still hold.
I have also noticed that the pillow case is so cooling to sleep on all night on warmer nights when my face is usually so hot!
I don’t know why I waited this long to decide to purchase.
So in-love and have since purchased more and have recommended to friends who have purchased and fell in love as well!!!

Thanks for sharing, your experience! We're happy you're seeing changes on your skin and hair. Cheers! :)

Absolutely loved it!

So as a student I was really in a dilemma as I wanted to find a silk pillowcase but also stay in budget. Plus, I've always been an acne prone person and seeing Silvi, I thought if it could help with that, that'd be great too. So I went online, saw the bamboo silk pillowcase option and loved that there was a sustainable option.
I got it in silver and it goes so well with my bedroom getup and I've genuinely seen a difference in my skin and hair too!!! I don't get tangles anymore in the morning and my skincare products stay on my face rather than on my pillow.

Would recommend it to anyone who wants better skin and hair :)

Thanks for the review, Shivika! We're happy to know you're seeing changes on your skin and hair. Cheers! :)

Love it

Ever since I got them I have been sleeping better and knowing that they are good for my hair and skin helps

So good! Thanks so much, Garry! :)

So soft and comfortable

It is comfortable and cool on my skin. I have no inflammation from pillowcase friction from tossing and turning all night. My hair is also easier to control in the morning and I see a noticable reduction in frizz. Overall, highly recommend this and what an amazing purchase!

Hi Nimnadi! That's great to know. Thanks for sharing! :)

Best thing that has ever happened to my sleep!

I adore my Silvi sheets and pillow cases. Probably the most comfortable and soft bedding I’ve ever had. My Fitbit tracks my sleep score each night of how well I sleep and since I started using these sheets my sleep score has gone up by at least 5 point each night! I couldn’t be happier honestly!

So glad you're loving it Abbey! Thanks for your review :)

My skin loves it!

Worth the money! It a game changer! Will definitely invest in silk pillowcases ❤️

Hi _vmvv! Glad you love it! :) Thanks for your review!

Very soft

Silky smooth pillow cases - I’ve noticed they still seem ‘clean’ after one week of use so great to not have to wash them as frequently.
They seem a lot higher quality than the silk pillow cases I’ve used in the past!

Thank you for your review, Karen! :)

Acne pillow

I absolutely love my silvi pillow case,
I was sceptical about it before I brought it. But during covid my acne has gotten really bad. So I needed to try something that was going to benefit. And I thought hey why not.
It’s definitely think that it’s helping and is super comfortable to sleep on as-well. I’m glad I decided to try.

Hi Tegan, thank you for your feedback! We're happy to know it helps with your skin :)


The improvement in my skin alone is enough to make me scream Silvi is the best. However my hair is less frizzy and my eyelash extensions are even lasting longer. All in all I want the all the Silvi products in every colour!!

That's great to hear, Emma! Thank you for your feedback :)

Happy Customer

Purchased the Bedding Bundle nearly a month ago now and my boyfriend and I are super satisfied with the purchase and will be getting more cases/cover. Skin has cleared up and fabric is so silky and keeps us cool at night. Would highly recommend!

Hello Timbo! We're glad you're loving it! :) Thanks for sharing!


This is one of my favourite purchases! 🥰 I have wild curly hair and ever since I bought Silvi pillow cases waking up to a nice tamed hair has been soo good. I’m soo getting another set. 🥰🥰

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, D.G.C. :)

Softer than 1000 thread count sheets.

When my budget allows, I'm going to be buying more of these sheet sets. What's not to like? You don't need to wash them as regularly, they are REALLY soft and they're antibacterial. I'm really happy I took a chance ordering these. They are helping me manage my psoriasis break outs. I've bought the whole set for my bed now and I love all of it.

Hi, Dave! This is great! We're glad you're loving it! Thanks for your review :)