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Based on 878 reviews
Silvi Anti-Acne Eye Mask
Christine Smythe
Sleep Mask

Absolutely Love my Silvi Sleep Mask.
So comfortable and lovely feel on my skin. I wear it every night and it was especially nice to have when I went on a mini vacay and the hotel rooms weren’t dark enough.

Thank you so much for your review, Christine! :)

The most amazing pillowcases! 🙌🏼✨

Silvi pillowcases have been a game changer not only for my skin, but for my hair as well. I always thought my skin issues were hormonal or diet related but since switching my pillowcases I’ve been waking up with consistently clearer skin. So good! Not to mention, they’re absolutely beautiful! 😍😍😍

Thanks for your review, Kellie! :)

Really soft and gentle on my skin and hair

I’ve tried silk pillowcases before and not liked them. The Silvi caught my eye because of the silver ions. It is really soft and I prefer the feel of the feel compared to others that I’ve tried.

Thank you for your review, Natalie! :)

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case
Dinusha Suraweera
Pillowcase (champagne coloured)

Amazing and so soft😍. Definitely would buy another soon. Love the colour too!

Thanks for sharing your experience, Dinusha!

Makes sleeping that much better!

Love my Silvi pillowcases, I had to buy two to complete the set! Now my pillows stay cool, are silky smooth on my face, and gentle on my hair. Makes sleeping that much better - huge fan all around!

Thank you so much for your review, Jenny! :)


I struggle most with hormonal acne, but have found improvement in my skin and even my hair after only two weeks of using my Silvi pillowcase!

Thanks for sharing, Emmalee! We're glad you're seeing changes on your skin and hair. Cheers!

Love my Silvi!

I’ve been wanting a silk pillowcase forever and my Silvi did not disappoint! It’s like sleeping on a cloud. It’s so soft and I’ve noticed a real difference when I wake up. My hair is less frizzy and I haven’t had a pimple since I started using it (coming up to 4 weeks)! Highly recommend.

Thanks, Carly for your review and recommendation! :)

Silvi is the best!

I bought Silvi for my son who suffers from acne, and we both love it. I wish I had bought one for myself. Within a week, the acne on his face had calmed down and there were fewer active areas. The pillow cases are so soft and are heavenly to touch.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing your feedback, Melinda! :)

Loving them

Have seen an improvement already and it’s been a week! The pillowcases are so lovely and comfortable to, can’t wait to see more magic happen to my skin in the coming weeks

Thank you so much for sharing this, Grace! :)

Silvi - Amazing!

My son has been using his pillowcase for around a week and we can definitely see an improvement in his skin. How amazing that he can go to sleep, as he does every night, and have something working to clear up his face!

Thank you so much for your feedback, Sonya! :)

Love to sleep on it!😴❤️

I bought this pillow case about 3 weeks ago and fell in love with it. I already bought some more for my whole family! ❤️

Thanks for this, Renata. We appreciate the love! <3

Heaven on earth (bed)!

Wow. I've had Egyptian high thread count cotton pillowcases, I've had satin pillow cases, I've even had other silk pillowcases. But nothing has come close to the comfort and luxury of my Silvi pillowcases. I love them. They make me look forward to going to bed every night. They are so smooth yet not slippery. They just feel wonderful. They keep my skin healthy and my hair tamed. I've washed them twice so far and they are still like new. I am buying 4 more (charcoal and silver, once available in the US) and I CANNOT wait for matching sheet sets and hopefully a duvet cover. We spend so much of our life in bed, sleeping. Why not make it a wonderful and healthy experience? It is worth the expense considering how much money we spend on "stuff". My review has not been paid or solicited. It is my honest opinion. Take good care of your Silvi's by washing and treating them correctly and you will have Heaven on earth (bed)!

Thank you so much Lucy for your wonderful review. We appreciate your love. Stay safe! :)


Have bought 2 pillowcases (pink and white) love them both and so does my chihuahua Bentley!

Awww so cute! Thanks for sharing this Krystin!

Great Pillow Cases

Beautiful pillow cases. Love the fact that they put zippers in.

Hi Natalie, thank you so much for your purchase and review. We're glad that you're happy with your pillowcases.

Love that it’s Chemical-Free

One of my favourite things about Silvi is that it’s chemical-free. It’s just simple and natural science. Ever since I’ve started using it, the oil level of of my skin has felt much more regulated, and my eyes are way less groggy in the mornings. I’m so happy because it makes me feel way more clean, and I feel like I can lay on it all day. Now my skin is SOFTER than it’s ever been. Best purchase ever. Science is awesome!

Thank you so much for this, Rose! Great to know that you are seeing results on your skin. Enjoy your Silvi! :)

bloody lovely!

i was highly sceptical a pillowcase would do anything but the results on my skin are pretty impressive after only 2 weeks. i'll buy the sheets when they're available for sure. it's also really comfy... and i'm not the only one who thinks so.

Thanks, Jem. We're happy to know you liked it. :)


I have purchased a few sink pillow cases in the past. I love the feel of silk on my face. But other cases were thinner silk, not great quality and tore easily, in fact, I bought 2 silk pillow cases from Sheridan and the silk was thin and cheap and they were ripped and tattered within a year.
Can already tell that the Silvi pillowcases are different. They are amazing quality on a whole other level. They are thicker silk and you can tell that the quality is much better and they are so soft. SO SOFT! I see these lasting a lot longer.
I was so impressed with the quality and feel that I purchased 4 all together. 1 each for my husband and I and I just recently purchased 2 of the rose gold cases for my daughters and the cases are gorgeous, such a nice shade of pink. My daughters and I have very long curly thick hair so these pillows have been a game changer for them.

Love love love. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

My only complaint, the packaging, although luxurious, is excessive and not really in keeping with being eco friendly so maybe that could use some additional consideration by the Silvi peeps. But my daughters have enjoyed putting their trinkets in the boxes so not a complete waste.

Hi Cassie, thank you so much for your review! We're glad to know you're happy with it. We also appreciate you taking time giving us a suggestion, we'll look into becoming more eco friendly in the future. Cheers!

Highly Recommend!

I purchased this silk face mask as my skin is highly sensitive. I'm also allergic to the disposal N95 masks which caused me to break out severely during this pandemic and unfortunately had no had been wearing them for over 9months straight!! The silk mask has reversed my breakouts dramatically in only just a few weeks. It is also light and breathable! Can't wait for other colours to come out!

Hello there. We're glad it helped improve your skin. We have the new colours available now for the pillowcases- you can check it out. :) Thank you so much for your review.


This really worked. My skin cleared up within a few days!! Love it ❤️

Thank you for this Nusrat! :)

Love my pillow case

This pillowcase is so nice on my skin it feels extra special, and my spots are starting to clear up, cant wait to see full results soon

That's great to hear, Lauren! Thank you!

The Best Skincare Investment

My skin is sensitive and this pillowcase has been heaven sent my skin feels so soft and luxurious and my hair is so silky smooth 💆‍♀️ Love this product definitely recommend

Thank you so much for the feedback Susan, we're glad your loving it! :)


this pillow is amazing! Helped my skin clear up more and my hair has been so silky! Deadset never going back !!!

So good! Thanks so much, Kara!

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case
Chantel Mackerness
Everyone needs a silvi pillowcase!

Honestly such a game changer! You will never go back after using the silvi pillowcase! It has done wonders for my skin, hair and even my sleep has improved it's so amazing! Highly recommend!

Amazing! Thanks so much, Chantel

A must have for acne prone skin

Another very sceptical buyer, and originally thought it was unnecessary as I wash my normal pillowcases regularly, but these are a god send. I’ve had them for over a week and so far no new breakouts when I wake up (which is rare for me). They are also a beautiful fabric and super comfortable.

So happy to hear, Tara! Really appreciate the feedback

Silvi Anti-Acne Pillow Case [Twin Pack]
Samantha Hynes

I’m actually so shocked at how well this pillowcase has helped my skin in such a short period of time. As someone who struggles with hormonal acne at 29 years old, I was definitely very curious if this was going to assist my skincare routine or not. Happy to say it has within a month of use.

Wow!! We are also SO happy for you Samantha! Amazing results