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Based on 291 reviews
Love it

Worth the money! Won’t sleep without it now

Amazing! Thanks so much, Kelly :-)

Beauty Sleep

I am extremely happy with my Silvi silk pillow case. For once I treated myself to a luxury item just for me. I am a senior lady and love getting up in the morning not looking like I have been pushed through a bush backwards! My hair is much more manageable so very many thanks

So happy to hear, Brenda! Appreciate the feedback!

I WAS a skeptic

Honestly I thought this whole silk pillow thing was complete crap but I am absolutely converted. Love how it feels, it’s super comfy and definitely nicer to my skin. I think I may even be close to converting my husband 😂. Great product and amazing customer service. Thank you Team Silvi 💕

Thanks so much, Angela! Happy to have you converted! :D

Good for hair and skin

I am loving my pillowcase! I love that I can go to be with a breakout and know it’s not doing to be worse in the morning. I’m scared to sleep with any other pillowcase now. The only thing is it’s already changed to a cream colour & it’s definitely not white anymore. Excited for new colours.

Appreciate the kind words, Mel! For the pillowcase colour, most important factor is using a pH neutral detergent and avoiding heat exposure. There's some great detergent recommendations in our Facebook VIP group (just search Silvi VIP), if you're interested!

It’s amazing thank you

Thanks, Jane!

I love her

This pillow case is life changing, genuinely have better sleeps and my skin is looking amazing! I struggle with acne and it’s definitely improved in the last 4 weeks! ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽

Awesome, thanks for this Madison! :)

Pillow case

Feels lovely and smooth. I find the price point is a bit high but will know with time if the quality and durability aligns with that.

Thanks, Susan. We're glad we're happy with your order. :)


Unfortunately I haven't had any improvements to my skin so far. The pillowcase is comfortable to sleep on. I will be continuing to use it and hope for the best long term.

Appreciate the feedback, Cody. Most people find they see results in around 2-4 weeks and/or generally see reduced frequency of breakouts over time, so maybe more time needs to pass :-) If you have any further updates, let us know at!

I love it

I bought two for my teens. But one did not want it so I used it itself. I love it. The best mulberry silk pillow case plus I have ever used.

Thanks, Lisa. We're glad you're loving your Silvi!


I now have 2 Silvi pillow cases and would never go back to cotton or bamboo. Looking forward to the release of bed sheets!

That's great to hear, Lynette. Thank you for your review and purchase!

Amazingly soft!

I have used my pillow case for just under two weeks and can already feel the benefits! I wake up and my skin feels cool and silky and they are so comfortable. Had to use an old pillowcase last night as this one was drying and could feel the difference immediately. Skin was more oily and tight. Will absolutely be buying more

Thanks for your review, Nicole! :)

Amazing quality

Really lives up to the hype. Quality is top notch and really protects your skin from those nasty build up of bacteria that you never see.

Thank you so much Jimmy, enjoy your Silvi! :)

How have I slept on cotton for so long?

I couldn’t believe how much my skin loved me for changing over to Silvi! Within a week I could already see a difference. Feels so luxurious but doing wonders for my acne and hair, it’s a win win!!

Thanks for your review, Rebecca! :) We're glad you're happy with your purchase.

10/10 would recommend

Really happy with this purchase. Beautiful to sleep on. It's only been a few weeks but i can already see a change in my skin. Would love to see them come in different colours!

Thanks, Alexandra! We're glad to know you're happy with your purchase!

Love it!

These are the softest pillowcases you'll ever put your face on :) I don't have any skin problems but I've already noticed my hair is less tangled in the morning!

This is awesome, Lily! Thank you.

Pillow case

Absolutely face is clearing and I’m sleeping so much better....highly recommend this product ❤️

Hello, Windy! Thank you for your review. Cheers.

Beautiful to sleep on

Ive been very happy with my purchase, the pillow case is so soft. My hair and skin is smoother and my skin is less irritated when waking. The only downside was the smell when I first unwrapped it. It was very intense and not pleasant. Luckily, the initial hand wash took away the smell without any issues.

Thanks for your review, Carly! :)

How did I live before this?

Ok regardless of what it’s done for wrinkles and acne, other pillows now feel like sandpaper. If you do one thing for yourself, but this!

Thank you so much for your feedback, Tagrid. :)

Five star!

Love the silky luxurious feeling !

Thank you so much Ellen, enjoy your Silvi! :)

Love it!

I’ve just started using my new pillow case and I love it! It’s too early to tell if it’s helping my skin but the pillow case is luxury to sleep on. So soft and comfortable. The zipper closure on the pillow case is also great - no more having to put my pillow back into the pillow case when it escapes overnight!

Thanks, Diana! We're glad to know you're happy with your purchase!

So soft and cool

I have now been using my Silvi pillowcase for 1 week. I find it so soft and much more cooler for my night flushes, better than any other pillowcases. I haven't seen much difference in my skin, but I have not been well, so hard to notice any changes in that regard. It certainly makes my hair feel soft in the mornings. I bought the 4 pack, with the hope of giving the others to family to try. I look forward to their thoughts. I can't wait for the new product to come out😊

Thank you for your feedback, Lori! We appreciate it. :)

Seeing changes

It’s been a couple of weeks, and the kids are already thinking that their skin is feeling better. It’s also making a difference to their hair - less curly frizz.

That's great to know, Jayne! Thank you so much for your review. :)

Silvi Face Mask

So comfortable & breathable. I love the material, it is so easy to breathe and definitely helps with my acne

Thank you so much, Gayelle for your feedback! :)

Silvi Anti-Acne Face Mask

Sorry I can’t comment as the mask is a present for my sister and she hasn’t opened it yet.

Thanks, Jane for your feedback. We hope to hear from your sister soon. Cheers. :)